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Sample Sale - 23" 26" Corsets, 28" Bustier and Bullet Bra for sale.


All Corsets are listed on Etsy:
26" Purple Silk Lame Magpie Corset and A-line Skirt:
28"Tail Coat Bustier with Pockets:
23"Girdle Inspired Quilted silk Satin and Leather Bodysuit Underbust Corset:
Strapless leather and Satin Quilted bullet bra:

More information and photos under the

This corset and skirt ensemble are made from a highly unique Purple Silk Lame. The corset is fully boned with steel, and has a coutil strength layer and waist tape. All decorative elements are black, including the silk charmeuse lining in the corset and skirt. The skirt has a net interlining for a little extra added body. Front and back modestly panels included.
Additional notes:
-Please note this outfit is USED, it has been in multiple photo-shoots, and in a runway show. If made new the price would be closer to $700
-The skirt is set onto an elastic waistband that is silver zebra. It's completely covered by the corset when worn.
-The Lace/net decoration is detachable, snapping into place along the bust line for two ways to wear the outfit.

Measurements of corset:
Center front Length: 13 1/4"
Back Length: 12 1/4"
Side Length: 11 1/2"
Side from waist to top: 6 1/4"
Side from waist to bottom: 5 1/4"
Bust: 33"
Corset has a "push-up" cut, model shown is a 34DD (C or D cup's recommended)
Waist: 26"
Hip: 34"
Corset was designed to be worn laced fully closed to a 1" gap maximum.

Tail Coat Bustier with Pockets- Navy Cotton sateen lined in Twill. Fully boned, pack pewter zipper. The cut of the bodice is 18thc inspired, and slightly flat-fronted.
Center front length 13" Recommended measurements bust 36- waist 28- high hip 36. C or D cup.
This Bustier is being sold at a discounted price because it is a sample and was used in several photo-shoots. It has some wear and tear but is still in solid wearable condition with only minor shows of age.

Vintage Girdle Inspired Quilted silk Satin and Leather Bodysuit/Underbust Corset - Two kinds of striped metallic leather were used, to echo the lines of stitching. Crotch is adjustable, corset is lined in coutil with a mixture of 1/4" spiral steels and flat steels. Black grommets and lacing complete the look.
Please note this corset is Used - It has been worn during multiple photo-shoots and during a fashion show. (5-10 hours wear) It is still in nearly new condition with the exception of a small 1/4" tear in the leather on the back that has been professionally repaired. If I was to make this corset new it would be priced in the $1-1.2k Range.

Measurements of corset:
Center front Length: 11"
(To end of crotch strap) 18"
Back Length: 13"
(To end of crotch strap) 23"
Side Length: 11"
Side from waist to top: 4"
Side from waist to bottom: 7"
Waist: 23"
HighHip: 34"
Low Hp: 37/38"
Corset was designed to be worn laced fully closed.
When measuring the "length" I measured from the top of the corset to where a traditional underbust would end, approximately panty line/High hip.

Photographer: Girlie Show Pinups
Model: Erin Micklow
MUA/Hair: Jordana Morgan
Wardrobe: Anachronism In Action

Strapless Vintage inspired Bra-top made from two kinds of striped pearlized leather and quilted satin. Laces closed in the back for adjust-ability (31-34" bust, B cup recommended) Has boning, and coutil lining for support.
-Bra was worn once, for under an hour during a photo-shoot and is otherwise in perfect "new" condition.

Feel free to message me here on LJ, or on etsy with any questions.
Thanks for looking and please visit my Facebook page to see more of my work:
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