. (neutrael) wrote in corset_shoppe,

'M' Stormy Leather Underbust $75USD

$75USD obo
Paypal only
Buyer pays shipping

  • Short Victorian Underbust by Stormy Leather

  • Size: M

  • Sizing chart: http://www.stormyleather.com/sf/size_c.html

  • Color: White

  • Material: Leather

  • Front zipper closure

  • 18 steel grommets in back, lacing w/black cord

  • 10 flat steel bones

  • Detachable garters (straps not included)

  • Very well loved piece, some flaws and obvious signs of wear. Still sturdy as ever! Only parting due to medical bills =(

  • (I had to take a few of the photos off my comp with my phone, sorry for the quality of those top ones!)
    Please respond to this post with any further inquiries.
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