Bonafide Bonehead. (guillotine_lure) wrote in corset_shoppe,
Bonafide Bonehead.

While it pains me to give up these lovelies, I understand that the bills don't pay themselves. For that reason, I have two spanking new corsets for sale:


This corset is as original as it gets. Why?! For starters, the fabric design was customized and implemented by the fabulous artist, Kim Dylla. Secondly, the corset pattern was designed from scratch by the magnificent Isabella Costumiere. It took several months and a series of sketches and mock-ups to finally make this garment come to life and I want to share it with you!

This piece is in excellent condition closing in at the waist by 22". The entire length of the corset comes out to 32". The bust comes out to 11.5 inches in width fitting a bust size between 32B-34C. From shoulder to shoulder when fully laced at the neck, the width comes out to 13 inches. The most ideal proportions for this corset range between a waist circumference of 26-28 inches, a cup size between 32B-34C, and a hip circumference between 32-36 inches.

The custom design was printed onto satin-cotton fabric and is overlayed with beautiful black, lace appliques. The corset comes sturdily equipped with a front busk, back lacing from neck to bottom, front neck lacing, and four separate snaps at the crotch area for easy on and off access.

I spent roughly a grand on this corset. It cost me nearly $200 for the art commission and fabric printing itself and another $850 for the custom corset. I have only worn this corset on three separate occasions. I am looking to sell this one of a kind wearable art piece in mint condition for 40% off at $600!!!


This is a beautiful genuine soft Leather Steampunk style corset with contrast leather trim as well as 12 double flexy steel bones and 100% cotton hygiene lining with wonderful side shaping and back laces. This corset closes in at 22 inches and would best fit a natural waist circumference between 26-28 inches, a cup size between 32B-34C, and a natural hip circumference of 32-36 inches.

This corset is in perfect condition and has never been worn. It measures at a total 30 inches in length from top of shoulder to hip bottom, 15 inches in width across chest, 17 inches in width across shoulders, and 13 inches in width at widest hip portion. I am asking for $200.

Both corsets can be found in my etsy store among many other unique corsets and one of a kind items:
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